Our trusted professionals use state of the art technology ensuring your system is perfect for your home and fulfills your electrical needs.


Every system we install is backed by a 25-year performance based warranty. With guaranteed performance, your savings is guaranteed.


We provide flawless design, reliable installation, and professional service for a very affordable price. Our goal is your savings.
For the highest quality system without the high cost, call The Sun Energy Group today.

Going Green for future generations with your own generated solar power


solar energy long islandSun Energy Group, one of the well reputed and popular Long Island solar companies, delivers services and solutions for solar power in New York. We proudly offer solar power generation solutions and services so that you can easily transform alternative power sources into primary energy resources.

In the United States, energy prices are sharply increasing. Current fuel resources are unclean and finite, and thus not up to current power standards. Even, our dependence on fuel-based electricity will run out in near future. While fuel and electricity costs are skyrocketing and threatening to burn a hole in your pockets, we offer an alternative: clean, safe, and inexpensive renewable energy.

So, why depend upon costly and dying fuel resources when we have the technology to harvest the power of the sun.  The sun’s energy rains down on all of us daily.  That energy is free for all to use, and that is why The Sun Energy Group is dedicated to helping you break the endless cycle of fossil fuel consumption. Let the sun be a new resource of energy that is renewable, unending and sustainable on Long Island.

We are committed to making the environment around us greener and let you free yourself from your dependence on the energy resources that cause irreversible damage to the environment and ozone. Our genuine efforts will help you reduce your energy bills and harness solar power for a greener tomorrow. We leave no stone unturned to make a better tomorrow for our future generation so that they can find well-stocked natural resources. To do so, we offer our services that include:

  • Residential solar systems.
  • Commercial solar systems.
  • Municipal systems.
  • Thermal systems.

Solar energy is a free gift from nature and does not cause pollution from its use, so it can be utilized wherever the sun shines.  Since sunlight can be described as sustainable and renewable, you may never have to worry about a high electric bill again. Interestingly enough, solar panels are very low maintenance only requiring attention if there is a malfunction.  Thankfully, all of your solar panels come with a 25 year power production warranty to ensure a high return on your investment in New York.

Why Sun Energy Group makes a real difference?

solar companies in New YorkWe provide an expert installation of solar power on your home/farm to increase sustainable energy use statewide in Long Island. Our team is committed to offering effective solutions that are ultra-dependable, long lasting and cost-effective. That is why we ensure reliable and 100% clean electric, more savings on regular electric bills, long performance-based warranties and guarantee the installation of your solar panels.

Whether you are looking to reduce your utility bills or save the planet, our experts are here to help.  We offer renewable energy to Long Island at an inexpensive low rate. We offer one of the most professionally installed packages among New York solar companies.  Other companies in NY all install panels that produce clean electric, but we can offer a full consultation to determine what solar energy solution is going to help you save money on electricity!

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